Youth Ministry

Sunday Evenings

Come join us every Sunday from 5 – 7 pm for dinner, fun, fellowship, games, prayer, worship, service, or any combination of the above! We invite everyone who is in grades 6th– 12th to participate and bring friends! We focus on activities that will help us grow our relationships with each other, with God, and continue to grow in our faith and spirituality. We hope meeting every week will form lifetime bonds to each other and the church.


Currently we are using the “Groove” curriculum to discuss the foundations of our faith such as scripture, integrity, and truth. Also around Halloween time, we will be studying “Scary, Gross, & Weird Stories from the Bible!” We hope you will join us!


Camp & Retreats

During the summer, we attend a week-long camp at Disciple Oaks Camp & Retreat in Gonzales, Texas. Youth who have completed:

5th– 7th grade attend Chi Rho Camp

8th grade attend “Eighters Camp”

9th– 12th grade attend Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF) Camp



For more information, visit their website at


Missions Trips

Serving multiple communities is foundational to our Christian faith. Every summer, the youth team up with other Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) churches to travel all over the country and lend our helping hands to those who need it most. We do what we can by volunteering and providing relief to those in need. Mission trips are open to all Chi Rho and CYF students who wish to participate. More information will be provided as it becomes available.