Come experience the power of God's love through music, prayer, scripture, and proclamation at Central Christian Church. All are invited to join us, no matter your affiliation. Let's come together at His table and celebrate communion every week. Welcome to our community of faith. If there is a special prayer, concern or assistance you need addressed, please feel free to call the church office (210) 227-5273 or Dr. Michael Passmore at  (210) 294-2611.

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Michael S. Passmore
Senior Minister

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  • An Evening with the Bowery Trio

    Formed in 2019, Bowery Trio has quickly established itself as a rising star in both contemporary and classical chamber music. Their diverse repertoire includes canonical works, newly unearthed and underperformed works, as well as an expanding selection of personal commissions. Comprised of Mark Allen Jr. (clarinet), Esther Seitz (cello), and Allison Wang (piano), the ensemble has performed in both the U.S. and internationally. In the last few years, Bowery Trio has been fortunate to work with different organizations such as Finlandia Foundation National and Chamber Music America on projects close to their hearts. These projects include “The Cosmopolite Project”, an ongoing project which seeks to explore contemporary classical scenes throughout the world, and “This Is Us”, a three-part Digital Residency featuring works by composers of Latin-American, African-American, and Asian-American descent.

  • June Airheart Retires

    June Airheart, Central Christian Church’s beloved Childcare Director decided it was time to be with family, to travel, and to just enjoy doing the things she hasn’t had time to do for the past several decades while managing the many challenges childcare centers have to surmount. On December 14, 2023 the Childcare Center teachers, parents and church staff held a party for June, whose last day with us was Friday, December 15, 2023. And what a party it was! Banners, balloons galore, wonderful bakery goods from Scratch Bakery (owned by one of the Childcare parents) and lots of “Thank yous” and “We will miss yous”.

    Central Christian Church has been the fortunate recipient of June’s experience, skills and dedication for the past six years. June was the driving force in building Central’s Childcare Center from a good childcare center to one that now is considered ‘the best’ by the Texas Workforce Commission. Our Childcare Center is now recognized as a Texas Rising Star, Four Star Center, which is the top ranking. Thank you, June, for all of your service and for your love of our Childcare Center. We will miss you very much. We certainly do wish you all the best in your retirement, and hope you will be a frequent visitor. The childcare teachers, the church staff and friends of the Childcare Center will love to see you whenever you visit us. 

    To continue the fine work June has established here, we welcome Saree Tafoya as Central Christian Church’s new Childcare Director. Saree brings years of childcare experience with her starting as a teacher at St. James Childcare Center. She has been a teacher at our childcare center while mentoring under June for the past six years. We offer our support to Saree, and look very much forward to working with her as our new Childcare Director beginning December 18, 2023.

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