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Michael's Mind - January 2022
December 30, 2021, 9:03 PM

I know plenty of people who say, “All this talk of new beginnings is hogwash!” They cynically say, “Time just goes on, moves forward, no beginning and no end. You just roll with the flow.” I don’t think those people have any idea about what “hogwash” is, nor have they ever been to a cemetery and contemplated the meaning of life. Transitions and re-birth are foreign to them. Setting a life-changing goal is not in their repertoire. Self-reflection and directional choice in life evades them. Using situational awareness to pre-choose possible reactions, responses to possible events is not in their skill-set.

Every day is new. Every year (another day) is another opportunity to begin the exercises that lead to an abundant life. Dave Weinbaum is a blogger from Missouri, owns a MCCDONALD’S restaurant, wrote “The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.” I’m on his team. Especially if the team incudes trust in Jesus Christ by being a disciple. Life throws rocks at us. People can let us down. Politicians are a weak hope. Weinbaum also wrote, “My father used to throw me up into the air-you know-to make me tough-Sometimes he would catch me.”We have recently experienced some painful endings. We have also discovered the hope of new beginnings. 2021 was a tough year. It brought us new hopes and new disappointments- ups and downs. Is there a moment that defines the year for you? The birth of a new child; the loss of earthly life for someone you care for dearly are often rolled into the same expanse of a year. I have been discouraged and hurt by selfishness in our government and abuse of power, but I have not given up. Now is a time for a new beginning in attitude, in spirit and in reflecting truth. For Central Christian Church in San Antonio, we can renew our efforts of being a lighthouse of hope for our city and the missions we support.

Speaking of a mission...First Christian Church of Mayfield, Kentucky has experienced the destruction of their church building by that powerful tornado. Is it an ending for them? Yes and no. The historic edifice is gone. It can also be a new beginning, a new building will be constructed, new families will join and help build. Maybe we can help them, begin again. 2022 a new beginning, if you believe in stuff like that. 

Michael Passmore
Senior Minister
Central Christian Church