Pre-k Classroom

Pre-K/Pre-Kinder (4-5 Year Olds)

Central Christian Church Childcare's Pre-k classroom prepares your child for kindergarten. The goals of our Pre-k Classroom teachers are to help develop social, verbal, cognitive and physical skills through activities that engage children — counting out straws for milk, identifying the first letter of each child’s name or cooperating to assemble a puzzle. It’s all fun and all done for a purpose. Our teachers use developmental assessments to plan activities that help your child meet learning goals. Through large groups and small, individualized instruction, your child will work on early literacy and math skills daily.

‚ÄčOur Pre-K teachers will introduce your child to vital skills needed in kindergarten. The Pre-K classroom accommodates small and large group activities, from arts and crafts to academics. To help prepare your child for kindergarten, the teachers will help your child experience learning by:

All of our Pre-K teachers are trained in CPR/First Aid and SIDS. Each teacher also is required by the state of Texas to obtain 24 hours of annual childcare training hours per year. Our Pre-K teachers have excellent parent communication skills. To help communicate with you, your child’s teachers will complete and send home a detailed daily report. This form will outline your child’s activities, mood, behavior, meals and nap times. 

Our overall goal at Central Christian Church Childcare Center is to help your child feel safe, secure, and happy. As a parent, you can work and rest knowing that your child is comfortable within our childcare center, and is receiving the best of care.